Nissan Intelligent Mobility at Larry H Miller Nissan San Bernardino in San Bernardino, CA


When drivers, their cars, and their communities are in sync, our world becomes a better place. Discover driving that's smarter, safer, easier, and absolutely thrilling.
In a whole new world of driving, experience more excitement, confidence, and better connection than ever to the road in front of you. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is a reality in which you will find in many of the Nissan Cars driven today! They're smarter than ever being able to keep you out of trouble on the road, and aware of what's happening around you. The future is full of opportunity where cars are adapting more than ever to the road. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is making all of this a more bright, bold tomorrow.


The Nissan Vehicles of today offer available Technologies that help look out for you. Some can even take action and help avoid trouble on the road. The available Blind Spot Warning  with available Blind Spot Intervention is just one amongst many comprehensive Safety Shield Technologies.

Nissan Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

With Forward Collision Warning, you can be prepared before the traffic starts to slow. This Intelligence watches two cars ahead, and warns you to slow down.

Nissan Intelligent Blind Spot Warning

You'll never have to worry about your blind spot again. Change lanes with confidence. If your Nissan detects a vehicle in your blind spot, it will nudge you gently back into the safety of your lane.

Nissan Intelligent Lane Intervention

Starting to drift out of your lane? With Lane Intervention, your Nissan will keep you snug in the middle of your lane if you start to drift.

Nissan Intelligent Back-Up Intervention

Backing out of a space with large blind spot? Your Nissan will brake if it spots a vehicle or passerby coming your way.

Nissan Intelligent Around View Monitor

Not sure of your surroundings in a tight spot? Nissan Around View Monitor gives you a bird's eye view of your surroundings so you don't bump into cars or corners, and senses things that you might miss.

Nissan Intelligent Distance Control

Following traffic can be a hassle, especially in stop and go. With Distance Control, you can be rest assured a fender bender isn't in your future. By setting the distance, you know you can always be following safely behind.