Shock and Strut replacement

Shock and Strut Replacement Service at Larry H. Miller Nissan San Bernardino

Over your vehicle's lifetime, it's suspension undergoes millions of stressors - every bump and turn compresses and "cycles" your shocks and struts, causing wear and deterioration of their internal components. After around 50,000 miles, your shocks and struts likely need replacing. If left unattended, a worn shock or strut will continue to degrade, eventually leading to unstable performance that could ultimately result in inhibited driver control in addition to extensive wear on surrounding drivetrain components. At Larry H. Miller Nissan San Bernardino, our team of experienced service professionals are trained to identify any components that require replacement, and set about performing any an all repairs and replacements that are necessary to keep you confidently on the road.

How Do I Know If My Nissan's Struts and Shocks Need Replacing?

While independent testing by a service center can definitely determine whether or not your shocks and struts need replacing, there are a few indications that can signal to a driver that their suspension needs attention. If the front of your vehicle dives toward the road when you brake, it's likely the front suspension needs attention as its stiffness has significantly degraded. Other signs could include a rolling backwards when accelerating, or excessive body roll when cornering. Additionally, bouncing, sliding, or a crooked steering wheel can all indicate suspension issues. Should your vehicle exhibit any or all of the above ailments, stop by Larry H. Miller Nissan San Bernardino to receive a service consultation as soon as possible!

Larry H. Miller Nissan San Bernardino: Receive Your Next Vehicle Service

Committed to keeping drivers confidently on the road, Larry H. Miller Nissan San Bernardino's experienced service center provides the experienced vehicle service drivers throughout San Bernardino need. Stop by our dealership to speak with a service center representative about shock and strut replacements, or give us a call to schedule your next service appointment today!


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