Car and Truck Battery Replacement in San Bernardino, CA

Avoid a Dead Battery in San Bernardino, CA

The battery is important to starting your car or truck and the majority of features that come with it. Our team in San Bernardino wants to help keep your battery in the best condition. It doesn't take long for us to look at your battery and see if there is an issue or if it will need to be replaced soon, which is why we encourage drivers who have noticed any of the signs that they need a new battery to visit us soon.

The Signs of a Dying Battery

There are many obvious signs of when you need a new battery, but there are also a few that most people wouldn't look at. The most obvious sign is your check engine light, which can alert you of low power, but there are a lot of reasons that your check engine light will come on. If that light is paired with a slow engine crank, then it is time to get it checked. Some of the other, less obvious signs, include leaks in the battery, low battery fluid level, and a swollen case.

Tips for Longer Car Battery Life

There is a lot that you can take care of in daily driving to help you get the most out of your battery. Taking frequent short drives won't give the battery enough time to recharge, ultimately shortening its life.

Unfortunately, there are situations that you cannot control, like extreme heat and freezing cold, that can cause damage to your battery.

Battery Problems? Visit Our San Bernardino, CA Dealership

Our experts can inspect your car or truck battery when you think it might be close to dying, making sure you won't have to worry about it dying in a parking lot anytime soon. Don't hesitate to ask our team any questions; we are excited to answer all your questions so that you will feel confident with every aspect of your vehicle.


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